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If you use eAuction a lot and like it or if you make money from eAuction or from eAuction-related activities ...
then the project asks you for a donation in favor of the further development.

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Important - Read first of all (Read 2020 times)
Dieter Werner

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Important - Read first of all
03/19/05 at 16:36:11
Yes, I know ...
sometimes it is hard to understand what a Perl script is doing and/or needing.
But this program is a free of charge software and it has been written for webmasters which are knowing what they are doing.
In order to use the program, you have to know the file system of your server and the software equipment of your server very well.

If you don't know how to install eAuction ...
donate in favor of the further development of eAuction and in return I will install the program onto your server as a 'thank you'.

But keep in mind ...
- don't try to offer the visitors of your site a program you don't master
- don't ask me to install eAuction onto an insecure server
- don't ask me to rewrite my code in order to make eAuction able to handle insecure servers

The business idea:
- get a cheap server
- get cheap software
- get free support
- make a lot of money

can't work - because the owner of a business has to be professional at least in the handling of his tools.

Last but not least ...
I really don't like it if users register under an eMail address that is anonymous. :'(

And ...
I would like to see more ratings at Hotscripts.com and at the CGI-Resource-Index. Smiley
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