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administration  and closing and posting fees? (Read 2777 times)
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Re: administration  and closing and posting fees?
Reply #15 - 02/08/13 at 17:36:54
Dear Dieter Werner,

I am in here for second time: I am ready for donating in order to get the upgraded version 1.6.2. My intention is to provide a website that includes a eauction-possibility within the german healthcare-System: users should have a tool to bid down offers within the healthcare-system. Part of that benefit should be generated in favour of  webmasters efforts. Regarding this conditions, I dare to wish a tool for:
- bidding down
- generating fees for listing
- generating fees for bidding-success and consecutive buying

More than 2000 views concerning fee-theme should make You think about poviding a fee-generating tool. The whole thing seems to be a very solid and well running program and should be freeware for a further long time. for those who feel and / or have the economic need to generate moderate fees for providing eauction-possibilities along their websites, the download of a fee-generating tool coluld be not free of charge.

Thank You for Your attention
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