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Search Engine Submission and Internet Marketing

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Current Main Features
  • customizable color and font scheme
  • automated path detection
  • unlimited categories
  • sniper protection
  • image upload
  • proxy bidder
  • buy it now
  • automated email notification
  • integrated search engine
  • repost of closed items
  • user's auction center
  • on screen user registration
  • option to change user's password
  • option to edit user's data
  • login name retrieval
  • password retrieval
  • seller/buyer rating
  • display item's starting time
  • display item's closing time
  • display item's remaining time
  • display all last minute items
  • display all hot items
  • display all new items
  • display all low price items
  • display all reserve met items
  • display sellers other auctions
  • display user's bids
  • display user's items
  • display user's closed items
  • display user's bought items
  • display user's sold items
  • display user's feedback
  • display item's clicks
  • page break for item listings
Download the up-to-date

from the eAuction Forums
(Registration is required there)

Donate a generous amount in favor of the further development of eAuction.
If your donation is really generous,
you will get the current beta version of
eAuction v1.6.2.xx
as a note of thanks.

Please, before you donate, you should compare the degree of your generosity
with the value degree of the software you want to get in return.
Simply be fair.

Additional Features of eAuction 1.6.2.xx
  • session login
  • session management
  • ask seller a question (hidden email)
  • image changer (a real highlight)
  • build in user chat
  • edit an item
  • delete an item
  • ready for further plugin's
  • improved security functions
  • marketing options
  • payment options
  • condition of the item
  • location of the item
  • real image upload from a given URL
Demo of eAuction 1.6.2.xx
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