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Notification sent in the wrong language (Read 206 times)
Dieter Werner

Dipl. Paranoiac

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Re: Notification sent in the wrong language
Reply #3 - 07/28/07 at 13:28:32
OK - I checked it.
When you use the link to display the auction in another language and it comes to the automatic close of items, then the email notification contains the text of the other language.

You are right - that's a bad thing.

A first workaround should be:

- search the file eAuction.pl for 'sub close_items'
- search the subroutine for Code:
$config{'closedir'} && check_dir("$config{'basepath'}$config{'closedir'}"); 

- insert this Code:

above the line which you have found.
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Greetings from Germany
Dieter Werner

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eAuction User

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Re: Notification sent in the wrong language
Reply #4 - 07/30/07 at 17:51:41
Thanks Dieter,
   I have made the correction.
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