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No such file or directory at eAuction.pl line 2386 (Read 907 times)
eAuction User

I love Perl

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No such file or directory at eAuction.pl line 2386
07/17/05 at 21:54:55
Did a fresh, new installation, as is, out of the zip file.
Ran the test and let it finish (test files auot-deleted).
Then Registered 2 users.
Posted an item.
Then made one bid at the Buy-It-Now price.
Got the usual message confirming my bid amount (and my bid also closed the item, that is, I won the bidding) and beneath it I
Got the following error message
No such file or directory at eAuction.pl line 2386.
No such file or directory

Line 2386 is:: unlink "$config{'basepath'}$form{'ITEM'}_lock.dat" or die $!;
There is a lock.dat file in the "3eAuction161" non-accesible directory.
I continue to get the identical error message with other items I post.  The eAuction bidding process works as it should and a Buy-It-Now bid wins the item and closes it, but the error message is probably very confusing for non experienced bidders.

I also duplicated what I did above on Dieter's V 1.6.2 test site; that is posted an item and bid against myself, bidding the Buy-It-Now price on the first bid, but was not presented the error message.

One note, I am running two separate eAuctions, that is I have two cgi-bin files with different name (eAuction161 and 2eAuction161) , 2 non-accessible web directories with different names, but both share the same image directories.

Any suggestions as to cause and how to eliminate woudl be valued. I have seen some threads on similar error messages but nothing that was helpful to me with this problem.

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Dieter Werner

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Re: No such file or directory at eAuction.pl line
Reply #1 - 07/18/05 at 12:02:25
Yes, that's a bug ...
I didn't consider that the first bid could be a Buy-It-Now bid.

- search eAuction.pl for Code:
sub proc_bid 

- scroll down to the end of the subroutine
- replace the lines Code:
        close LOCK;
       unlink "$config{'basepath'}$form{'ITEM'}_lock.dat" or die $!; 

with this Code:
    -e "$config{'basepath'}$form{'ITEM'}_lock.dat" && do {
       close LOCK;
       unlink "$config{'basepath'}$form{'ITEM'}_lock.dat" or die $!;

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eAuction Expert

I love Perl

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Re: No such file or directory at eAuction.pl line
Reply #2 - 07/18/05 at 16:28:14

Error problem eliminated.
Thank you for your professional help once again.


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