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AccessControl the Bot Trap     

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The features of AccessControl (Read 4845 times)

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The features of AccessControl
04/08/13 at 16:04:09
AccessControl protects your Domain from the access of Spammers, Harvesters, Bots and Attackers.

The program is usable under perl and php and it checks for:

- requests from IPs without a registered Domain
- bad content of requests
- very frequent access
- bad user agents
- unwanted TLDs
- bad IP ranges
- bad referrers
- bad hosts
- bad IPs

by using the AccessControl BlackLists and by querying the most important RBLs of the Net (in realtime!).

An full featured admin-system (webmaster interface) is included and allows to add or remove:

- IPs and IP ranges to the black lists
- IPs and IP ranges to the white lists

Registered users will get an automated update of the BlackList data every 24 hours.

30 days free trial
After that:
$73.00 for the first 180 days
$36.50 for the following 180 days
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AccessControl protects your WebSite

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