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The all-in-one antispam soluten and more
(usable under perl, php, ssi and html)
The ultimate protection software against unwanted visitors.
AccessControl is an antispam plugin that protects your
website, blogs, forums, shops and form masks.

AccessControl blocks spammers, attackers and content thefts
by using his integrated IP database and, in addition, the returned
data of the most importand RBL systems of the net.

Currently the main data base of AccessControl contains
more than 159 million entries of bad IPs
and the data base is growing up day by day.

You can use AccessControl into combination with:
Perl scripts, PHP scripts, WordPress, Joomla, YaBB, phpBB and so on.

The program checks incoming requests for:

- very frequent requests of an IP
- bad content of requests
- bad IPs
- bad IP ranges
- bad remote hosts
- bad user agents
- bad referrers
- unwanted TLDs

Functions of the admin-system:

- add IPs or IP ranges to the black lists
- add IPs or IP ranges to the white lists
- display the access logfile
- display the logfile of blocked IPs
- display defined parts of the servers error.log
- update BlackList data
- rebuild BlackList data
- search for listed IPs
Download the up-to-date
Don't buy a cat in a bag - simply use the
30 days trial version
with full access to the AccessControl BlackList updates.
Test it before you buy it.

Price conditions
30 days free trial
$73.00 for the next 180 days
$36.50 for the following 180 days

That's just as little as ~30 Cent/Day for the security of your Webcontent.
A small investment for a great protection.

I don't need your money but I want your money 😂


(Don't click the images if your IP has been listed as a bad one.)

AccessControl Admin Center

AccessControl Admin Menue

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Access Control
The ultimate Webmaster Tool to protect your Website

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